Get to Know Clara - #27 She’s doesn’t let the Doctor cross the line with her (this is especially true when she hardly knows him and isn’t sure what to think of his odd behavior).


She NEVER lets him even TOE the line.  IF she thinks he’s being creepy, she lets him know.  The way she treats him in Bells of St. John is the first time I have seen a new companion not go all goo-goo eyes at the Doctor - she actually thinks “Huh, a complete stranger who knows my name.  GOODBYE” and shuts the door.

Even afterwards, she realizes he keeps secrets.  She doesn’t say it’s okay.  She constantly asks after them.  She does NOT EVER accept the age old “Oh, it doesn’t matter” or “It’s my problem, not yours.” excuse.  EVER.  She knows when she’s being lied to and she will push and push until she has an answer that will satisfy her.  You can see this in every single episode, but especially in Name of the Doctor.  She begins to remember deleted conversations and she confronts him about it.  She tells him “You hid something from me, why did you do it and what was it?”  Even at the very end, she insists on knowing who the War Doctor is.

Besides which, she is very Donna like in her non-infatuation with the Doctor.  She tells him “Only Wednesdays”.  She didn’t try and make him an idol like Amy did because she realizes he ISN’T ONE and she’s smart enough to see that.  And when she flirts with him, she ALWAYS has the upper hand.  Take out the TARDIS and you have a healthy strong relationship there, at least on her end.  She flirts, but she knows her limits, and she will stop when she wants to, and she will leave him hanging without any concern.

Sorry for the brief rant, but this character is so damn important to me, and she is ALWAYS swept under the rug and treated as “just another 21st century love interest”, all her personality discarded.

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The Device that is keeping you alive, is also killing you.

- J.A.R.V.I.S. to Tony Stark

Disney to show “Aladdin" on Disney Channel August 16th in honor of the late Robin Williams

#riprobinwilliams #genie #aladdin #neverforget


#riprobinwilliams #genie #aladdin #neverforget

"…she found her arm drawn within his, and pressed against his heart…"

I’m 95, I’m not dead.

  I need to find a purpose, I need to feel you  n e e d i n g  me.